Jeff Light Media


This was a documentary I made as part of a promotional ILM portrait series in back in 2000.
I thought I should update my profile pic that was at least taken in the 21st century.
Even though I love the Suspense/Horror film genre, this is the only one I've made to date.
Taken of me while I was working on Casper at ILM in 1994
Don't blink! This promo I created for a fake TV show is only 15 seconds long.
In reality, Nathan is a great guy and we're good friends. He was a terrific sport in helping me to make this film for the PDI/Dreamworks Animation Lo-Tech film festival in 2008.
Just as Marty McFly was making the jump from 1985 to 2015, here's my blast from the past... a mash-up of Gumby and Rambo called "Gumbo" I made in 1985 which I'm FINALLY publishing to YouTube. I'll be bringing my other films online very soon! - Jeff